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Lancelin has an enviable reputation for it’s magnificent windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. Yesterday this fella was having a great time on a windsurfing foil just north of the jetty. He used Harold Park to rig and de-rig and was wending his way through and around the cray boats at the northern end of the bay. If you love this sort of thing, we invite you to head to Lancelin soon… Read More


You don’t have to go all the way to Monkey Mia to see dolphins. Lancelin Bay is home to a number of these delightful mammals that ply the shallow waters for a feed most days. They are often close to shore in knee deep water, rounding up fish for a feed and if you’re patient, you stand a good chance of spotting them. Morning is the best time and if… Read More


This group of visitors loving their picnic lunch in Harold Park today. The town has never been busier with hundreds enjoying Lancelin’s many offerings under sunny skies.   Pick up a feed at the Silver Coast Bakery, Offshore Cafe or Lancelin Gull Roadhouse and head to one of the 3 parks in town.   Oh, and the weather tomorrow is going to be just as delightful so if you’re not… Read More


Watching the sun dip below the horizon is a free and simple pleasure, one best enjoyed in Lancelin. But where is the best place to view the daily setting of the sun? How about the lookout near the north end caravan park, the jetty is popular as are Grace Darling and Harold Parks. For something a little different head to the off-road area and view the spectacle from the highest… Read More


for you. And yes, the town is back in full swing with plenty on offer. If you’re coming up for a day or a week, you’ll want to visit the Lancelin off-road area where you can sandboard and quad bike to your hearts’ content. Afterwards enjoy a feed at one of the two hotels on the beach, the Endeavour Tavern and Lancelin Beach Hotel. The Offshore Cafe and Lobbster Trap… Read More

New Back of Boat Lobster Sales Program

The Fisheries Minister Mr Peter Tinley approved a new Back of Boat (BOB) sales plan that will provide those in Lancelin with better access to lobsters at the jetty. At present purchasing lobsters from the jetty relies on fishermen having government issued tags. They only get 100 a year and only a few fishermen have some left. Under this radical new plan, fishers will still sell most of their catch… Read More

Flying High

These giant wings were painted in 6 hours by Lindsay, a talented Perth artist.  They measure 6m x 3m and can be found at Harold Park on the beach, just north of the Endeavour Tavern. They have proved super popular with people of all ages including French traveller Louison who posed for the main pic in front of brightly painted mural.   Pop by and take your own selfie and… Read More

Live Lobsters From the Boats

Lancelin lobsters (aka crayfish) are considered a delicacy the world over and through a state government program you can get freshly caught live lobsters straight from the boat at wholesale prices. The state government’s Local Lobster Program (LLP) allows fishermen to sell a fixed number of tagged lobsters per year from the jetty. These will have been caught just hours prior to you collecting them; they don’t come any fresher. … Read More