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Lancelin lobsters (aka crayfish) are considered a delicacy the world over and now you can get freshly caught live lobsters straight from the boat at wholesale prices.

The state government’s Local Lobster Program (LLP) allows fishermen to sell a fixed number of tagged lobsters per year from the jetty. These will have been caught just hours prior to you collecting them; they don’t come any fresher.

So, how do you order live lobsters?

  1. Select the number of large lobsters (700-800grams) you want (minimum 3)
  2. Select a collection date – (we've highlighted the days fishermen with LLP tags are fishing)
  3. Add your contact and credit card details and click ORDER
  4. When a fisherman accepts your order you'll receive an email confirming the sale along with the fisherman's phone number and a rough time he is expected at the Lancelin jetty (normally around noon).  You MUST collect them on the day as the sale of tagged lobsters is covered by strict government regulations. Bring an esky or something similar to carry your catch home in.

IMPORTANT:  Place orders from 4 days to 1 day prior to collection. All orders are NON-REFUNDABLE even if you fail to collect them. You MUST produce ID and your receipt (digital or printed) when you collect your lobsters. Each fisherman receives a limited number of tags per year and they CANNOT be re-used. A 2.5% admin fee applies to all orders at checkout.

The Lancelin website does not sell lobsters! This site is a payment portal connecting buyers with fishermen who have LLP tags.



Why do I need to pre-order them and not just roll up at the jetty?
Fishermen only receive a limited number of government issued tags which must be placed on lobsters when caught. They can’t afford to waste a tag on a lobster that isn’t guaranteed to be sold.

Do fishermen fish every day?
They don’t, so we identify on the calendar the days that fishermen with tags are fishing. You can only order crays for those days.  You will be advised if no one accepts your order and your credit card will not be debited in that instance.

Why can’t I order weeks in advance?
Fishermen often don’t know if they will be fishing until a few days prior.

Can I get cooked lobster?
Unfortunately not as the LLP program only provides for delivery of live tagged lobsters.

Why are the lobsters so much cheaper than at market?
These lobsters don’t come out of the fishermen’s quota. The state government provides each fisherman with a number of tags that come at no cost. When attached to a lobster, it can be sold privately with lower  costs associated with a lobster from their quota.

What size are these lobsters?
700-800 grams.  This is about double the size of a cray you'd find in most fish shops and will easily feed 2 – 3 people.

Can I buy small lobsters?
As fishermen get a limited number of tags, they want to provide the best value for buyers hence large lobsters of 700-800grams provide the best return for both parties.

If I'm late, can I collect from the fisherman's house?
No.  It's illegal for a fisherman to have tagged lobster in their possession on land, you need to meet the boat.

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