Lancelin lobsters (aka crayfish) are considered a delicacy all over the world over and now you can get freshly caught live lobsters straight from the boats under the Back of Boat (BOB) scheme.

Next fishing day is Friday, November 27 where you can buy small live lobsters (350-450 grams) at $25 each.

When fishers have stock, the calendar will show availability and you can order your lobsters on line.  We normally know 3 days in advance of a fisher having stock, however, if you want to be notified by email the moment lobsters become available click here and fill out the form.  And if you want to be on the mailing list for highly sought after Christmas lobsters, register here.

So, how do you order live lobsters caught just hours before you collect them?

  1. Go to the calendar below and select a day that fishers will be bringing BOB lobsters in.  They confirm fishing days 1-4 days prior)
  2. Select the number of lobsters you want (4-15)
  3. Add your contact and credit card details and click ORDER

You’ll receive an email confirming the sale.  The afternoon prior to the collection date you’ll receive an email confirming the time the boat will dock, normally between 10am and 2pm at the Lancelin jetty (Miragliotta Street).  On the day, bring photo ID, your receipt and something to take your live lobsters home in.

You MUST collect them on the day as these are live animals and are covered by strict government regulations. You are not permitted to buy lobsters if you are a “registered receiver”

IMPORTANT:   All orders are NON-REFUNDABLE even if you fail to collect them. You MUST produce photo ID and your receipt (digital or printed) when you collect your lobsters and you can’t buy if you’re a registered lobster receiver in WA.

A 2.5% admin fee applies to all orders at checkout.

The Lancelin website does not sell lobsters! This site is a payment portal connecting buyers with fishers who have live lobsters for sale.



Why do I need to pre-order them and not just roll up at the jetty?
Fishermen only bring in what they have pre-sold.

Do fishermen fish every day?
They don’t, so we identify on the calendar the days that participating fishers are fishing. You can only order lobsters for those days.

Why can’t I order weeks in advance?
Fishermen often don’t know if they will be fishing until a few days prior.

Can I get cooked lobster?
Not under this scheme.

Why does the price vary?
Fishers will typically expect to secure a price similar to what the Perth wholesalers offer and that fluctuates depending on supply and demand. 

What size are these lobsters?
That will always be detailed on the order forms and will vary depending on what the fishers believe they can reliably supply.

If I’m late, can I collect from the fisherman’s house?
No. you need to be at the jetty or factory when the boats return from sea.

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