With the Chinese suspending imports of WA lobsters some local fishermen have turned their attention to local sales under the recently introduced Back of Boat program.
These crays are offered via the “SHOP” on the www.Lancelin.com.au website and yesterday there was a gaggle of happy seafood lovers on the jetty waiting for the boat.
The mechanics of the scheme mean that when the boat docks, the sealed baskets of lobsters are weighed on the jetty and then must sit for 10 minutes before being opened. This is so that Fisheries officers can inspect the catch if they choose.
After that, those who’ve pre-ordered their live crays/lobsters via the Lancelin website can pick them from the basket and walk away with a beaming grin.
China’s suspension of lobster imports has meant they are now sourcing product from elsewhere, including New Zealand. One source suggested that they were paying upwards of $110/kilo for NZ lobsters.
Someone also stated that the NZ product is slightly different to ours, apparently sweeter. Can a lobster expert confirm if that’s correct?