New Back of Boat Lobster Sales Program

The Fisheries Minister Mr Peter Tinley approved a new Back of Boat (BOB) sales plan that will provide those in Lancelin with better access to lobsters at the jetty. At present purchasing lobsters from the jetty relies on fishermen having government issued tags. They only get 100 a year and only a few fishermen have some left. Under this radical new plan, fishers will still sell most of their catch… Read More

Flying High

These giant wings were painted in 6 hours by Lindsay, a talented Perth artist.  They measure 6m x 3m and can be found at Harold Park on the beach, just north of the Endeavour Tavern. They have proved super popular with people of all ages including French traveller Louison who posed for the main pic in front of brightly painted mural.   Pop by and take your own selfie and… Read More

Live Lobsters From the Boats

Lancelin lobsters (aka crayfish) are considered a delicacy the world over and through a state government program you can get freshly caught live lobsters straight from the boat at wholesale prices. The state government’s Local Lobster Program (LLP) allows fishermen to sell a fixed number of tagged lobsters per year from the jetty. These will have been caught just hours prior to you collecting them; they don’t come any fresher. … Read More

Lancelin Under Covid-19

Lancelin was isolated from Perth for 47 days from April 1st this year resulting in few if any tourist activity in town. On May 18th the roadblock was dismantled and traffic able to pass freely to and from Lancelin.Over the time the road was closed things quietened down considerably and wildlife was more visible.  We were treated to the sight of an echidna along the beach path. Emus on the… Read More

Lancelin Colour Blast 2020 – What a Day!

  The annual Colour Blast once again produced a myriad of smiles as hundreds flocked to the beach to get covered in coloured powder. The event is staged by the Lancelin District Community Association and was supported by the Endeavour Tavern and Offshore Cafe. Special thanks are reserved for the team of 25+ volunteers who made the day a rousing success. People of all ages wound up caked in colour… Read More


  Unfortunately the 2020 Lancelin Ocean Classic will not take place in 2020. A number of issues arose outside the control of the organisers and with insufficient time and funding to resolve these issues, the Lancelin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) have decided to cancel the event. The organisers have stated, “After 34 years of successful events we are fully aware and understand the decision will not be favorable… Read More


Lancelin has a beach access wheelchair that is available for use by those who require such a craft.  It is housed at Have  A Chat General Store on Gingin Road in town.  There is no cost to use it, so see Darren or one of his team at the general store and get down to the beach.  … Read More


If you’re heading to Lancelin, keep a look out for this giant chair at the junction of Walker Avenue and Gingin Road.It was built by locals and stands more than 2 metres high and seats, well….. probably a dozen or so if push comes to shove.  Anyway, these three overseas visitors certainly enjoyed their time in the big chair which is an ideal prop for a selfie. When you post yours… Read More