Lancelin is Australia’s premier sandboarding destination and it’s just 90 minutes from the centre of Perth.

Sandboarding in Lancelin is inexpensive and lots of fun.  So what’s involved?

First, get yourself to town.  The drive from the centre of Perth is a mere 90 minutes.  Head north along the Mitchell Freeway and then Wanneroo Road, which eventually changes into Indian Ocean Drive.  The Lancelin turn-off is well signposted, so head west at the turn-off and follow these video instructions to get to the dunes.


You’ll need a sandboard and some wax, so head to the Activities page for details on where you can hire a board.

It is possible to park standard 2-wheel-drive vehicles right at the base of the dunes on the hard rock if you follow the diagram below or video instructions.

Lancelin Park Here for Sandboarding

HOWEVER, most hire car companies forbid you taking their 2-wheel-drive vehicles off road, so be warned.  If you want to go deep into the off-road area, you definitely will need a 4 wheel drive vehicle.  You will also want to be very careful if you’re a novice 4WD’er as the dunes are dangerous (yes, deaths occur).

The dunal area is expansive and actually comes under the control of 3 different entities. Legally, you are only allowed to use the licensed off-road section, which roughly comprises the middle section (north to south) of the dunes. There is signage at the entry indicating the usable area, so please consult it as you enter.  Be aware though, that there are actually no fences or signage on the sand dunes to indicate where the boundaries are, so play it safe.

If you’re not confident driving in to the off-road area with your 2-wheel-drive vehicle, simply park it on Bootoo Street and walk in.  You can also park in the clearing on the left of the track, about 20 metres in on the left as can be seen on the picture above. The walk is about 300 metres across soft sand and hard rock.

Entry to the dunes is free; there is only one entry point (as pictured above), there is no entry gate and the dunes are open every day of the year, 24 hours a day (although you’re expected to keep noise to a minimum between sunset and 8am for the comfort of those living close to the dunes).

As to what you should wear?  Wear whatever you like.  If it’s windy or you fall a lot while sandboarding, you will end up with sand all through your clothes. You might want to bring goggles to stop sand irritating your eyes and you will need to climb to to the top of the dune in order to glide down, so you will exert plenty of energy heading back up.

Also be aware that there are no facilities whatsoever at the dunes e.g. no toilets/shops etc. So take care of that on your way through the town and have yourself a top day!