Lancelin has been a cray fishing town for nearly 70 years and today, some 20 boats work the waters off the Lancelin coast fishing for Western Rock Lobsters which can fetch up to AU$90/kilo wholesale and probably 50-100% more than that in the restaurants of China and Japan where most of the Lancelin catch ends up…. Read More


On Saturday Oct 15th, 2016 over 2,000 people took to Lancelin’s iconic sand dunes to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Convoy of Off Road Vehicles. The event was part of the Lancelin Off Road Muster, sponsored by Perth Diesel Performance and Line-X and organised by the Lancelin District Community Association. On the Saturday morning, 450 turned up at the registration desk in the heart of town before being given a police escort… Read More

Rock Lobster Heaven

Lancelin is home to some 20+ crawfishing/rock lobster boats that ply the waters off Lancelin. They fish year-round on a quota basis that starts on January 15th each year. Some of the local legends (Ben Correia, Robert Bateman, Kim Scaddan, John Abbott, Kjell Stokke, Marc Jurinovich, Clint Moss, Kevin Ostle, Brad Testar and Fred Rodriguez) took to the water in January 2016 for this synchronised photo shoot with acclaimed local… Read More