The Fisheries Minister Mr Peter Tinley approved a new Back of Boat (BOB) sales plan that will provide those in Lancelin with better access to lobsters at the jetty.
At present purchasing lobsters from the jetty relies on fishermen having government issued tags. They only get 100 a year and only a few fishermen have some left.

Under this radical new plan, fishers will still sell most of their catch to registered receivers but on top of that, they will be able to sell up to 100 lobsters per landing (every time they come back to the jetty – max 1 landing per day). This will allow fishers to undertake sales via the website in far greater numbers than is currently the case.

Lobsters intended for BOB sales will be landed in sealed, tagged containers which will remain sealed for at least 10 minutes after the boat has landed at the jetty. Then, those who have ordered and paid for live lobsters via the site will be able to collect their catch.
These lobsters will come out of each fisher’s annual quota so it’s envisaged that pricing won’t be quite as low as what buyers have paid of late via the website as those lobsters were not from the fishers’ quota. However, supply will be more plentiful even if the price will be tied the floating market rate.
While the minister has approved the plan there is plenty to be done before the legislation is passed. And while that is expected to be passed in October this year, the Rock Lobster Council will be putting an interim plan to the minister to allow BOB sales to go ahead prior to that date.
You’ll hear more as we get closer to it’s launch.