1. Sandboarding

Every year tens of thousands travel to Lancelin to zoom downhill on a sand board, you should too! It’s cheap and lots of fun. Book your board here before you get to town so it’s waiting for you on arrival.

2. Spot Dolphins

Take an early morning walk (just after dawn) along the bay between the north and south points and you’ll often find them in very shallow water rounding up a feed or playing. The longer you walk, the more chance you have of spotting them.

3. Sand Dunes Tour

Discover the vast dunes network on a 4WD bus with 45-minute tours leaving the dunes carpark every hour on the hour from 9am – 4pm each day.  You must book ahead though to avoid disappointment.

4. Cray Boats on the Jetty

From 11am most mornings the fishing boats return to Lancelin’s jetty in the middle of the bay with their haul of western rock lobsters (crayfish).  If you are in town for a couple of days, ask the fishermen about purchasing crays from the boats which is possible at certain times of the year if they have quota left.

5. Surfing at the Back Beach

A few kilometres south of the jetty you’ll find Lancelin’s Back Beach.  There’s often a great wave running with the best time for a surf, boogie board or swim being early morning when the winds are lightest. If you haven’t got a board, good news; you can hire one here.

6. The Lancelin Lookout

This recently upgraded lookout provides marvelous views of Lancelin Island, the Indian Ocean and even glimpses of the sand dunes behind. Entry is from the Lancelin Beach Hotel front garden or Hinchcliffe Street.

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