The Off-Road area at the Lancelin sand dunes is a vast and a veritable playground for those with 2- or 4-wheel bikes. Entry to the area is free 7 days a week between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

Given there are many people on foot on the front sand-boarding dunes, riders are expected to stay well away from that area as behaviour like this (below) puts the viability of the area at risk. While bikes don’t need to be road registered, all must have an off-road licence.  These licences are inexpensive and are obtained through the Dept. of Transport.  Once your bike is registered you’re free to get out and have fun! Safety on the dunes should be top of mind.  Understand that the dunes are rarely the same two days running as strong winds can easily turn a rounded peak into a razorback (below) overnight.  Smart riders always check the other side of a dune before attacking it.   Each year Lancelin’s dunes claim lives and the majority of deaths occur on the first ride of the day by riders who have not read the conditions correctly.  Don’t let that be you!Respecting the dunes, the conditions, other riders and pedestrians will ensure the Lancelin Off-Road area remains open to all over the coming decades.  Enjoy.

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