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Sandboards for sale


Product Description

If you plan to do quite a bit of sandboarding, you'll want your own board, and these top quality, high speed boards are just the ticket.

They're made right here in Lancelin from marine grade plywood and feature a laminate top and bottom. The sit-down board (seen above and below) can be mastered in minutes and will accommodate two people, plus, it features seat pads and handles.

For those looking for more of a challenge, grab a stand-up board which features adjustable neoprene foot straps for riders with a natural or goofy stance.

Both styles of boards (stand-up and sit-down) are made in Lancelin and you can select from three coloured laminate finishes: red, white, and whitewash timber. When you order online, your emailed receipt will contain contact details for the local manufacturer in town allowing you to arrange a mutually convenient time to collect your board and then head off to the dunes for some serious downhill fun!

Please note that we promote this product as a marketing agent for the manufacturer.

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