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Metal Detector Rental


Lost a ring or key on the beach or dunes?

Well time will be of the essence in its retrieval as Damien Hills knew all too well when his wife lost her ring one sunny Saturday.

After much digging and swearing, he rented a top-of-the-line Minelab Safari metal detector which uncovered the ring in minutes. And at $69 for up to 4 hours, it paid for itself many times over.

Motorists who lose their keys on the dunes are in all sorts of strife. With the vehicle’s steering locked, it is unable to be conventionally towed as Kendall Walter realised when her keys went AWOL. She hired a top-of-the-line Minelab Safari metal detector and found her keys in 10 minutes, much to her relief.

Book a metal detector and pay online. Once you’ve booked the metal detector, you’ll receive an email containing a contact phone number to arrange collection. A deposit of $200 will be pre-authorised on your card and when you return the unit in the same condition you received it, and within the 4 hours, the $200 pre-authorisation will be cancelled. Late returns are charged at $20/hour.

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