Lancelin lobsters (aka crayfish) are considered a delicacy the world over and through a state government program you can get freshly caught live lobsters straight from the boat at wholesale prices.

The state government’s Local Lobster Program (LLP) allows fishermen to sell a fixed number of tagged lobsters per year from the jetty. These will have been caught just hours prior to you collecting them; they don’t come any fresher.  You can order live lobsters right here on the Lancelin website from fishermen with LLP tags a couple of days prior to them fishing.  There are only a few fishermen with tags left at present (May 2020) so collection days will be limited until September, 2020 when it’s expected a new system will be released by Fisheries.

When available, large lobsters (700-800grams) can be purchased for just $32 each plus 2.5% admin fee (minimum order 3).  This is exceptional value and is only made possible through the state government’s Local Lobster Program (LLP).

When you go to the order page the calendar will display the day/s that lobsters will be available for collection.  At present there are very few tags available so supply will be very tight.

It’s important to note that these sales are covered by strict government laws and you must collect your lobsters, which will have a special LLP tag on them, from the jetty on the day you agree to (normally around noon), otherwise you will forfeit your lobsters and there will be no refund.If you want the freshest and best lobsters in the world, click here now!