Some months ago the Western Rock Lobster Council (WRLC – the industry body) asked the state government for permission for WA fishers to sell lobsters/crayfish from their boats at the jetty.
This was due to the public showing demanding for that facility and sales to China being disrupted by Covid-19. The Fisheries minister agreed to the request and legislation is due to be passed soon which will permit jetty sales in September if things go to plan.
The WRLC will be speaking to the main processing companies shortly to ensure they support the initiative. At least one company has said they’ll allow their fishers to sell some of their quota this way while the others have yet to agree.
It’s fair to say that the government would be rightfully angry if, having asked for this concession, the large processors chose not to allow their fishers to sell from the back of their boats.
So, what might you expect to pay for a live lobster from a boat? It will be tied to the wholesale beach price (so it will fluctuate) but it will be less than the price you would pay in Perth and you won’t get a fresher lobster.
In order for it to work, fishers need guaranteed orders the night prior to fishing so you will be able to order and pay for your lobsters at when fishers with quota are fishing. During the busy summer holidays it’s likely there’ll be a few days a week when you can order and collect lobsters. At other times when there are fewer people in town, it might just a Friday and Saturday.
Check back in mid-September to order your lobsters.