Lancelin is a haven for water sports and deep sea fishing but launching a boat from the beach here is fraught with danger.

In the past, getting out to sea (and back onto dry land) was off limits to so many simply due to the challenges associated with beach launching including soft sand and a tricky beach surge. Even locals with small tractors come to grief.

You no longer need to put your car and boat at considerable risk as Lancelin now offers a professional beach launch and retrieval service.  A local expert with the right type of vehicle for your boat, will meet you on the beach, quickly hook up your trailer and get you into, or out of, the sea.

If your boat can be towed, it can be launched/retrieved in Lancelin.

Unlike the Swan River in Perth there’s no $15/hr fee to park your car/trailer. And forget paying a $20 marina fee like you would at Mandurah. In Lancelin, you simply book your launch and/or retrieval via this page and know that your car and trailer will not come to grief.

Call 0403 024 403 to arrange a meeting time and place, then sit back while your boat is launched or retrieved with minimum fuss. If you get no result from that number try this one – 0429 322 040.

If you’ve always shunned Lancelin for fear of beach launching, now you have no excuse.