Earlier this year a number of Lancelin business people were invited to attend a tourism forum hosted by the WA Premier in Jurien Bay.

One of the many matters raised was how ludicrous it was that crayfish were not able to be purchased direct from professional fishermen like they were many years ago.

As a result of that forum, the state government announced in December 2016 that those holders of certain Managed Fishery Licences will be able to sell up to 50 lobsters over the course of the 15 week trial to the public, retailers, restaurants and wholesalers.

Under this scheme, these crustaceans will be available to the local market within hours of them being caught for probably between $25 and $50 per crayfish depending on the market price and size.

The trial will run until the end of April and as John Abbott, a well known Lancelin fisherman said, “I just have to do the paperwork.”