Back in March 2017, the Labour party won the state election, propelling Labour Leader Mark McGowan to the position of WA’s 30th Premier of State.

Mark is no stranger to our fantastic, little community in Lancelin. Recently, in fact, he brought his family along for a short drive to visit our coastal paradise.


“Last year we came up for six days and stayed at a friend’s shack. We loved it so much that we set aside three days over this weekend to enjoy it again,” Mark said. “Our children loved it and enjoyed the fact that we could do things here that we can’t do in Perth, like kicking the footy and playing tennis in the street. Admittedly, it has been slightly windy, but that didn’t stop us!”

It’s always promising for the future of development and tourism in Lancelin to know that our Premier is such a fan and appreciates what we have to offer so much.

We can’t wait to see you—and the McGowan family again for that matter—in Lancelin soon!