On Tuesday November 16th, the Shire of Gingin voted to uphold the Minister for Transport, Bill Marmion’s, recommendation that Ledge Point be the site for an ocean boat launching facility. BUT, Lancelin will also be the recipient of a boat ramp (much simpler in construction) in the vicinity of the current jetty much to the delight of those who haven’t been game to launch from the sand.

Ledge Point got the nod for the larger facility due to safety considerations with the Lancelin location (near the lead lights). Work will start straight away on the design and tender documentation. 

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. The Shire will undertake preliminary design work and costings for a road to run between Ledge Pt and Lancelin. This will probably take the route of the current Old Ledge Point Road which at present is a track with barely enough room for a quad bike let alone a vehicle.

Long term, Ledge and Lancelin will probably merge into one city given that Lancelin South will eventually spread south to Ledge as it’s owned by long-time Lancelin lover, Texan Joe Matthews. This will see the towns joined although that is likely to be many years in the future.

The Ledge facility will be positioned south of the current township and long term may even include a marina.