In early February, the Lancelin District Community Association decided that the district needed a swim platform in the calm waters of Lancelin Bay.  Less than a month later it was in, much to the delight of both locals and visitors. Use of it is free, BUT you must not moor any heavy watercraft to it, it won’t stand the pressure and there are no mooring hooks.  If you do see someone do this, please ask them not to.

From conception to implementation in under a month, it never happens, right? Well normally that’s the case, but in this instance there were around a hundred people who felt strongly enough about the project to simply make the dream, a reality.

Over the month several LDCA committee members were busily working behind the scenes designing, planning and organising production of the platform.  A GoFundMe campaign saw more than 50 people/organisations contribute a fair whack of the funds needed.  Locals then organised the transport of the platform from the other side of Perth to Lancelin and then from a car park in town to the ocean where it was moored about 40m from shore just north of the jetty.

It was installed on Thursday March 1st, with the ladders going on March 2nd. What has been a joy to watch, is the way the LDCA has just made this happen. Many projects like this get bogged down for a variety of reasons, red-tape, lack of funding, complaints, whinging etc., however, the need for this type of infrastructure saw all of those obstacles easily overcome by people who aren’t fazed by bullshit.

It will be in the water during the warmer months and stored on land during winter.

Thanks to all those who made it happen and quickly!