In early February 2018, the Lancelin District Community Association decided that the district needed a swim platform in the calm waters of Lancelin Bay.  Less than a month later it was in, much to the delight of both locals and visitors. It was taken out over winter but is back in the water once again opposite Harold Park for the 2018/19 summer. 

Use of it is free, BUT please don’t moor any heavy watercraft to it, it won’t stand the pressure and besides, there are no mooring hooks.  If you do see someone do this, please ask them not to.

From conception to implementation took just under a month, with great credit going to a hundred or so people who felt so strongly about the project that they just made it happen. Surprisingly there was only a handful of whingers and they were quickly silenced once they realised how popular it was with young and old swimmers.

It will be in the water during the warmer months and stored on land during winter.

Thanks to all those who made it happen and quickly!