The Lancelin District Community Association is in the throes of having a swim platform moored in the bay a short swim from the high water mark.  These platforms are up and down our coast (Guilderton’s platform can be seen above) and prove popular with all ages.

The association does need public assistance with raising the necessary funds.  At present there is a GoFundMe campaign running and you are asked to chip in some dollars if you think you’ll use it.

Already businesses like the Lancelin Post Office Store, Lancelin Beach Hotel, Suntique Boutique, Lancelin Mechanical, Letizia Palmer, Have A Chat, Messages On Hold Aust and Lobster Trap have chipped in.  There are even more individuals who’ve opened their wallet.  This is a great initiative that will boost tourism and with your donation, it is likely the platform will be in the water in time for the Lancelin Colour Blast on Saturday March 3rd.